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Partner in Myanmar

Zawgyi’s experience and expertise makes us a reliable partner for foreign investors in sustainable sourcing, trading and logistics. Zawgyi’s story began as a start-up in Myanmar in 2003. At the time, trading activities in the country were limited and we began as an importer for a Swiss multinational company that marketed well-known International brands in Myanmar. 

The business grew and in 2004, the company was rebranded as Zawgyi Systems Co. Ltd. In 2005, we evolved into Zawgyi Premier Co. Ltd. This spurred a holistic expansion, encompassing a wider-than-ever portfolio of services. 

We have come a long way in the span of 20 years  – growing from a small trading entity dealing in the import of personal care and food products from bordering countries, into a business with a portfolio of leading-edge services in global trade.

Today, Zawgyi is recognised as an expert in supply chain management, and third-party logistics for international companies, trading and marketing. We are also committed to the responsible sourcing of food ingredients, and aspire to build a business that gives back to our community.