Sustainable Sourcing and Partnership

We value the community around us, and aspire to build a business that contributes positively to environmental and cultural conservation, job creation, and creates a profitable economy that is driven by export revenue.

To do so, we have established a business model that focuses on sustainability and increasing the overall income of farmers and their households.

Palm Sugar Sourcing and Partnerships

We work directly with farmers to inculcate best practices into their farming activities. These practices are in line with sustainability requirements set by international companies.

The traditional supply chain has been transformed into a modern supply chain with a transparent business model that directly benefits farmers and their families – improving the lives of traditional family businesses that make palm sugar, while protecting toddy trees from being indiscriminately chopped down.

We build close relationships with farmers, based on these key values:

Mutually beneficial partnerships:
We work hand-in-hand with one of the world’s biggest palm sugar buyers, helping them achieve traceability and sustainability in its supply chain. We believe this will increase the quality of palm sugar produced in Myanmar, raising it up to international standards and benefitting our community’s palm sugar farmers.

Expansion and profitability:
We began a training program in 2012 with just one farmer to 2000 farmers from 73 village in 2020.

Improving quality and efficiency:
We want to improve farmers’ incomes by enabling them to produce quality palm sugar and have a successful business they can depend on – lifting their socio-economic status and transforming them into respected cultivators and exporters. Our efforts are paying off, as our farmers have improved their income incredibly within a few years time.