10TH  JAN 2020

Collector Meeting

With the support of the Zawgyi’s collectors in the improvements of the lives of farmers, the seminar of Zawgyi Palm Sugar Exporting Company and the collectors was held at Lustre Hotel on 10th of January. In accordance with the mission statement of “Continuous Progression of the Dignified Palm Sugar Industry”, everyone participated in the discussion for the future pathway of Zawgyi Palm Sugar. Moreover, a ceremony to honor the Zawgyi collectors and Trading Partners who cooperatively led during the 2019 Palm Sugar season was held.

22ND-23RD  JAN 2020

Farmer Meeting News - Palm sugar farmers, collectors joined Zawgyi Hta-nyat’s annual gathering

Top performers honoured with cooking equipment and household utilities

22 January 2020, Nyaung U - More than 2000 palm sugar farmers and collectors and representatives from Zawgyi Premier and Unilever companies participated in the annual gathering organized in four villages located within Nyaung U, Pakokku, Na Htoe Gyi and Nga Tha Yout townships on the 22nd and 23rd of January.

At the annual gathering, organized before the start of 2020 palm sugar harvest season, Unilever and Zawgyi also discussed methods to improve the quality of palm sugar and shared the market situation. Through the enhanced partnership between Zawgyi, Unilever and palm sugar farmers/collectors quantity of palm sugar to be exported is expected to increase this year.

To help increase incomes of palm sugar farming families Unilever is aiming to recruit members of palm sugar farmers as agents of the company’s Amay program. At the gathering, Amay representatives explained and shared their experience on joining the network of Amay program.

Famous model Ms. Tin Moe Lwin facilitated the meetings and discussions on the topics of improving safety and security, ensuring quality control, conservation of palm trees and developing lives of farmers.

New farmers from Chauk, Yay Nan Chaung and Magway led by local NGO Network Activities Group, and INGO World Vision – some of whom would like to corporate with Zawgyi – also participated in the gathering.

22ND  FEB 2020

CSR News

Zawgyi Company’s CSR program motto says “For all to read and play”. In early 2020, we built a school library and a playground for Kan Thar Yar High School (branch) and another school playground at Ywar Thar Aye Village in Nga Tha Yaut Township in Mandalay region. Zawgyi team donated a set of a projector as a teaching aid to the high school (branch) at Khat Lan Kan Village as well. We are very happy to see that school children enjoy reading books and playing together.

Daw Khin Kyi Foundation provided technical advice in building Kan Thar Yar school library. Zawgyi handed over the library and playground to the school on 22nd February. On the event day, Kan Thar Yar students and Zawgyi team had a good time playing games together on the event day. Students and teachers performed singing, dancing and role-playing on stage. Zawgyi also donated 2 million Kyats to Daw Khin Kyi Foundation during the event.