HR Policy

This document has been designed as an extension to the employee’s contract of employment and letter of offer, and incorporates Zawgyi’s policies, procedures, and conditions of employment for all staff. It provides employees with a written framework of what is expected of them, what they can expect from the company and underpins their terms and conditions of employment.

Guidance any matter covered in this document should be sought firstly from your Director, or the Managing Director. If you would like to make a suggestion on new topics to be included in this manual, you may do so by writing to the Managing Director.

The company reserves the right to change policies and conditions of employment without notice. Please refer to this document as your first point of reference in relation to policies and procedures during your career with the company.


The Nature of Our Business

Zawgyi Premier Myanmar is a leading import/export company, offering services in the areas of Logistics, Trading and Distribution.

Business Philosophy and Corporate Values

Our goal is to sustain continuous growth, enlarge our business and meet customer demands - while playing our role in the development of Myanmar.

We believe in recruiting talented staff and supporting their skills development through an extensive Staff Training programme – and reward employees who display diligence, initiative and commitment. We aim to produce quality, timely work and provide value to clients.

Zawgyi Premier Myanmar

Originating as an importer of consumer goods and food products, Zawgyi was established by the Managing Director Mr. Thuyein Myint Shwe and Director Mrs. Sandar Tin Tun in 2003 with the aim of serving multinational companies in Myanmar, at a time when trading activities were limited in the country. Starting off as a husband and wife partnership with no other investors, it transformed into the multi-million-dollar business it is today within a short span of 12 years.

Zawgyi imports foodstuff and consumer products for Myanmar, and supply agricultural products to Europe and Asia. We also provide local import and logistics needs to multinational companies. Our humble beginnings started with border trade between Myanmar and Thailand in 2003. We continue to grow and support the growth of our partners in new and innovative ways.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Zawgyi Premier Myanmar is an equal opportunity employer, regardless of a person’s ethnicity, religion, gender, health, or physical disabilities.

Leadership and Integrity

Employees should perform their roles efficiently and promote the company to the best of their abilities, keeping in mind:

>>   Personal integrity: Report improper advances and actions that come to your attention. Acknowledge mistakes and shortcomings instead of blaming others.

>>   Teamwork: Collaborate with colleagues to improve the quality of work. If you see something that could be detrimental to the company’s operations or reputation (even if it’s outside your area of work), report it to your manager.

>>   Dealing with subordinates: Set a good example with your attendance and punctuality. Take time to listen to the grievances of your subordinates and be courteous when disciplining a junior employee. Confront problems quickly and seek solutions immediately. Participate in training development and staff welfare.

Gifts, Gratuities and Improper Payments

>>   Directors, officers, employees and anyone associated with Zawgyi Premier must not offer or accept gifts – even if the value of the gifts are acceptable according to Myanmar’s anti-corruption laws.

>>   Any payments, gifts or gratuities made or received by Zawgyi Premier or an employee, may be interpreted as a bribe as we have a zero-tolerance policy in this area.

>>   However, reasonable gifts, such as promotional items that have little value (MMK 50,000 and under) are permissible. Proper reporting procedures, obtaining prior approval and record keeping must be done when distributing promotional gifts, and these should not involve cash (or cash equivalents such as cash cards).

>>   Directors, officers, employees and anyone associated with Zawgyi Premier must not offer or accept meals, facilities and travel arrangements – whether to obtain a business advantage, or when dealing with anyone who is seeking business opportunities from Zawgyi or our business partners.

>>   However, meals, facilities and travel arrangements that are offered transparently, justifiably, in the normal course of business, and in compliance with local laws, may be accepted. In these special occasions, prior approval must be obtained and recorded in accordance with the finance department’s procedures.

>>   Importantly, the meals, facilities and travel arrangements should not be provided far from normal practices – such as luxurious or excessive arrangements. It must not involve cash or cash equivalents.

Employee Relations

It is Zawgyi’s policy that all employees should be treated fairly, consistently and honestly. Employees are encouraged to approach their immediate supervisors to resolve day-to-day matters in accordance with the Open Door policies detailed in Section 5.

All Supervisors and Managers have a responsibility to ensure that employees are treated fairly, consistently and honestly. This includes:

>>   Accurate communication of company policies and objectives.

>>   Promoting the development of employees in the underlying realities of the business.

>>   Identifying and dealing with genuine employee grievances.

>>   Ensuring that Senior Management is aware of grievances that may need to be escalated.

>>   Remaining alert to any overt or underlying potential for disruption.

Workplace Communications

The company has communications programmes that encourage open sharing of information between management and the workforce. This includes:

>>   Workplace Consultation Teams that consist of representatives from all parts of the company. An open forum allows employees and management to discuss concerns, policies and changes to the organisational structure.

>>   Company newsletters and briefing sheets will be circulated as needed.

Political Elections

As Zawgyi is politically-neutral, no cash or other donations are to be made to any political party – either by the company, or by any person doing so on behalf of the company. Any employee intending to contest a seat in an election, is required to resign from their employment prior to nomination for the seat. It is also prohibited for any political or campaign activity to take place Zawgyi. Election material cannot be displayed on any company property.

All employees included on the electoral roll will be given an opportunity to cast their vote during an election.

Whistleblowing Policy

Zawgyi requires all employees and representatives to practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling our responsibilities, complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

>>   Reporting responsibility: All directors, officers and employees are required to report suspected violations in accordance with this whistleblowing policy.

>>   No retaliation: No director, officer or employee who in good faith, reports a violation shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employee consequences.

>>   Reporting violations: Employees are advised to speak with their employer when reporting a suspected violation. Alternatively, they may speak to the HR department or anyone in management. Supervisors and managers are required to report suspect violations to Zawgyi Premier’s Compliance Officer.

>>   Compliance Officer: The Compliance Officer/HR Manager can be contacted at +95 9798 274 566 (Viber only) or