Health and Safety Policy

The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance to Zawgyi Premier. We are committed to ensuring that our workforce is healthy, and our workplace is a safe environment that everyone can thrive in.

Every employee is responsible for work safety – this includes complying with industry standards for Workplace Health and Safety, and with local laws and regulations.

To ensure all this, safety management systems are implemented in our workplaces, risk assessments are conducted, hazards are identified, and control measures are in place. Health and safety KPIs are monitored and our performance (in terms of health and safety) is reviewed on regular basis. Additionally, every employee is trained in emergency response procedures, with safety drills planned and conducted regularly.

All employees must understand and follow our Health and Safety procedures, and abide by the instructions implemented at their workplace.

Employees must ensure that they and everyone they work with (including customers, suppliers, contractors and visitors) are well-versed with the organisation’s health and safety procedures.

Further, employees are expected to immediately report any unsafe behaviours, conditions or practices, violation or lapses of workplace health and safety that they notice.

Employees must also complete all required health and safety training sessions that are relevant to their role