CSR Policy


We are committed to the United Nations Global Compact and we believe that good corporate governance involves improving the sustainability of our business, environment and communities. We contribute back to society, care for the environment and do good for the communities that we operate in. We integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into our business’s operations and core strategy, in close collaboration with our stakeholders – while complying with laws, ethical standards and international norms.

We are steadfast in our commitment to uphold these standards by obeying the law, respecting human rights, paying taxes, providing job opportunities, respecting our employees, abiding by fair labour practices, respecting regional cultures, treating other businesses responsibly, handling our customers responsibly, respecting the environment, developing the health and knowledge of children, being transparent in our dealings and communication, and engaging with stakeholders.

To this end, we reject gender discrimination, corrupt practices, and refrain from benefitting from child labour or forced labour. We favour suppliers who abide by these principles, and try to exclude those that do not.


Our company actively engages in various CSR activities. The exact scope of the CSR activities is determined by the directors, with suggestions from the CSR team.

These activities include training sessions for our employees to enhance their skills, protecting the environment beyond our legal obligations, improving the health and supporting the education of children living in rural areas (through the development of reading skills), increasing farmers’ knowledge of environmental conservation, and improving farmers’ awareness of how their products can become a source of revenue from abroad.


CSR is a core part of our company and involves every employee. We take our role in the community seriously, and this is reflected through our policies and actions.